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Patricia Algara, granddaughter of an architect and rancher, grew up in San Luis Potosi, Central Mexico.  From this springs her passion and appreciation for beautifully designed and food-productive landscapes.

After working for a women’s rights organization on community empowerment projects, she earned a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture in order to bring together participation and the built environment.  Along with her public outreach, facilitation and graphic recording skills, Patricia has worked on projects ranging from learning environments, to urban parks, schools, zoos, farms and streetscapes.

Patricia teaches “Designing for Difference” at UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley Extension which focuses on social factors that influence the design of public spaces.  Patricia’s design, outreach, and leadership work has been national recognized through a national ASLA award, the 10 Women Campaign and many other organizations and publications. Patricia is an avid beekeeper who strives to apply values that she has learned from the bees in her designs: Beauty, function, structure, and communication can intersect sweetly.




With Honey in the Heart started as a passion project by BASE landscape. BASE's core business is planning and designing functional, beautiful and whimsical landscapes at a range of scales. They also do community design/build projects, art installations, and the occasional beekeeping demonstration.

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Andrew Sundling is a Co-founder of With Honey In the Heart. His love affair with bees began after graduate school while working on a rural organic family farm and vineyard in Sicily from 2013-2014. There, he learned first-hand how the production of the farm, the almond trees, citrus trees, olive trees and grape vines depend on the intimate management of the families native bee colonies. 

Andrew returned to San Francisco in late 2014 and teamed up with former colleague, Patricia Algara, to establish With Honey in the Heart. When Andrew isn't tending to the the two gardens along Dolores Blvd, he is busy tending to a number of community solar projects across the U.S as a Project Manager for Cypress Creek Renewables. He is excited to be pursuing projects that integrate clean affordable energy from solar farms planted with vibrant pollinator friendly seed mixes. 



Cesar Moran-Cahusac is one of our chief guardians for our pollinator gardens. A Peruvian by birth, Cesar is an ecologist, poet, artist, martial artist and fellow apiarist. He and Patricia tend to the many hives currently thriving in our Berkeley apiary. We are very lucky to have him in our hive. 



Natalie Martell has visited and studied landscapes and public spaces throughout Europe and China.  She has lived and studied in Orvieto, Italy where she explored its art, architecture, and public spaces.  Natalie has also lived and worked in Rougemont, a small village in Switzerland’s pre-Alps, where she explored the region’s landscapes and cities by hiking and biking.  Through her work there, she was able to learn more about sustainable design solutions and urban agriculture.  These experiences continue to help shape and inspire her work in landscape architecture.  She is an avid gardener and regularly volunteers at With Honey In The Heart to water, help clean the sites of debris and plant. Natalie is extrodinary. 



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