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With Honey in the Heart focuses on connecting people to their surrounding environment, educating about the benefits of pollinators, creating healthy habitat for all pollinators and elevating the status of bees as the divine beings that they are and their crucial role in pollination and our well being through policy and advocacy.






Bee Safe Campaign

Beekeepers have been losing an unsustainable portion of their colonies every year since 2006, and neonics are a strongly implicated culprit. Beekeepers can breed honey bees to restore their numbers, but native pollinators like bumblebees and butterflies have no such support. Learn how you can help solve the problem through our educational resources.

Safe Growers

We called several wholesale and retail nurseries in and around Northern California to ask about their pest management strategies and rated them according to how confident we are that their plants are safe for bees. See the full list in our education page. If you're wondering about a grower that isn't listed, give them a call!


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